Wirral Open Championship

There are a number of methods for entering the Wirral Open Championship. You can enter through your club; your secretary will have application forms. You can write in with your personal details and the entry fee. Or you can complete the application form below.

Please be aware that in previous years competitors have stated they are members of a particular golf club which subsequently proved to be false and therefore we will be authenticating every application to verify your membership and handicap.

All competitors must be over 18 years old.

The Wirral Open Championship was established following a very successful PRO-AM event held in 1985 to commemorate the club's silver jubilee. This event was such a success that all the members of the club considered that we should have a similar event in our golf calendar. Accordingly the first Wirral Open Championship was held in 1986 and we were delighted that it exceeded all our expectations. This was the first truely open event held on a municipal course and in that year we had 230 competitors from over forty club from as far as Sussex, Ireland and Yorkshire.

Over the previous 22 years we have hosted the Championship the Wirral Borough Council have been most supportive and have given their permission to have the sole use of the course for most of the day and for that the members thank them most sincerely.

St Johns Hospice

St. Johns Hospice has been the club's official charity for many years, indeed quite a few of our past members have benefited from the facilities and care given by the Hospice. We originally started to help with their fund raising efforts for the building programme but once that was completed the Hospice still requires over £1m per year of voluntary donations to conintue to operate.

The work they do in caring for the terminally ill patients and their relatives is without parallel and, in our opinion, the nursing staff and doctors at the St Johns Hospice are the personification of angels.


Without sponsorship it would be difficult to hold an event of this magnitude and still be able to raise money for the Hospice. Accordingly the club would like to thank all those persons and companies who have helped us throughout all the years of the championship. Your assistance is not forgotten and we sincerely hope it will continue. If you are considering becoming a sponsor your sponsorship can be a donated prize of the equivalent value if you so wish.

Championship Format

The Championship is an individual stroke play event off your full handicap. Competitors must have a valid handicap certificate and must be able to prove they belong to the club they say they represent. A society handicap is not valid. There is a handicap of 18 for the competition. All competitors must be over 18 years with the sole exception of two Brackenwood GC junior members. Competitors will be in three ball groups representing different clubs.

While the Wirral Open Champion will be the gross winner there are prizes for the five best scores in both gross and nett categories. There are two long drive prizes each limited to specific handicap categories. There are four nearest the pin prizes available to all with the exception of the 2nd hole which is limited to competitors with a handicap of 15-18 only. The presentation of prizes will be at approximately 8.30pm and it would be appreciated if all the winners could attend.


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