The Clubroom

Our current clubroom is the culmination of a long held dream of many past and present members. There are also many who have a nostalgic yearning for the old upstairs clubroom but if the truth be told the club would not have become the club it is today if we had stayed in the old premises.

In fact the club has always progressed starting initially in the Oak Room of Brackenwood House and then in 1954 moving to a small room above the spiral stairs in the former stables. Upstairs clubroomSlowly progress was made until eventually the club occupied the whole of the upper floor of the former stables. We then negotiated a deal with the Council to take over the whole building and surrounding area providing we looked after all the external and internal maintenance of the building.

In the early 1990's we start looking at the practicalities of converting the garages and toilets on the ground floor into a clubroom. With the financial help of Coors, then Bass, Brewery work was finally started in 1992 and completed in April 1993 when the new clubroom was offically open by the President of the Cheshire Golf Union, Mr R Bickerton. Many older members will remember what the old clubroom was like but they will also have many memories of some wonderful times we had up there. New Clubroom

Of course the whole era was a time of make your own entertainment and there was not as much prepackaged alternative entertainment as there is now. As you can see we changed from what was affectionally known as "the submarine" to what is a very pleasent clubroom particularly now that smoking has also been banned.

To all members I ask them to remember the dream of past and the older present members since 1935 to 1993 to have a clubroom such this. As you visit other clubs that play on municipal courses look at the facilities they have and ask yourself which you would rather have. So, look after the clubroom so that it may last long enough for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

The Bar If a member has a birthday or anniverary due and wishes to arrange a party they can, at the descretion of the Committee, hold it in the clubroom. A formal letter to the Secretary stating the reason for the party and the date required will be sufficient. Providing the club are not using the clubroom on the date requested the request will most likely be approved. The member can make their own arrangements regarding catering or discuss their requirements with Chris Smalley.

The Committee, on behalf of the members, ask that the member ensure his guests treat the club as they would thier own home. Also when leaving the club please be aware of the proximity of the local residents and keep the noise levels down. Clubroom

The Committee has provided a "Suggestion Book" where members can can write in ideas and improvements to the club and the clubrooms. These will be discussed by the Committee each month. Only those suggestion which are signed by a member will be actioned and any anonymous suggestion will be deleted. Please try to keep the your suggestion sensible! Any relating to the Rules of Golf or handicaps will be ignored.





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