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I hope you find the club's new website more useful and informative than the previous one. You will notice that most of the site is open to anyone as we hope it will help us attract persons who are considering joining a golf club. The only aspects of the site which are restricted to members only is those pages which include personal information e.g. addresses, telephone No. and email addresses, of members.

With the appropiate user ID and password members will be able to access these pages. Also availbale to members only is the minutes of the previous two Committee Meetings and the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting. Only two Committee Meeting mimutes will be on the page and as one is added the oldest will be deleted. Clubroom

One significant advantage of the new website is that we, the members, will be installing the information onto the site. Therefore competition results will be entered within two days of the competition being held. Similarly if you tell us your address has changed; and you will tell us wont you, your details will be updated within 24 hours.

Of course this means we will need your help. You need to tell us the results of the Wirral League, Seniors League etc. Because of this I am hoping the website will be much more dynamic, able to change almost instantly. For examlpe the Stag and Summer Outing pages are currently advertisements for the coming events but once these events have occurred I would like to change the page to incorporate photographs that members have taken while attending these events.

St Johns HospiceI am also hoping the Social Calendar page will not be just a list of events but will include photographs of members and their famlieis having fun and enjoying themselves.

The adjacent photograph shows the current Captain. Mr Keith Elliott, together with Vicky Hulse, the CEO of Bagnall & Morris, handing over a donation to the St John's Hospice derived from the procedes of the Wirral Open Championship.


Members Handicaps and contact information

Name Handicap
Alhilli Basil 12
Anderson David 22
Ashton James
Atkinson Robert 0
Beadles Colin
Birch Ronald 28
Birkett James 26
Bolton Denny 22
Boyle Roy 16
Brogan Graham William 21
Brookshaw David
Bryde Joseph 15
Buckley David 9
Burton Scott
Butler Lloyd 11
Byford Joseph 19
Campbell Leslie 22
Campbell Grahame 10
Chantler David 28
Cheung Chu Lam 18

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