Unless your just browsing I will asume that as you are looking at our website that you are interested in joining a golf club. Joining any club can be a daunting prospect as you wonder whether you will fit in, whether you will know anyone and what will it all cost. With a sports club there is the added question of whether your proficiency at the sport will be good enough as nobody likes to make a fool of themselves.Display of Trophies

I can assure you you will fit in as our members will ensure that you do. Our club is somewhat unique as we have a club night on a Wednesday evening at which over 100 members attend. I have yet to come across another club that has such an evening.

Ostensibly this is intended to enable the members to enter  their names on the entry list for the following weekends competition but it is also an ideal opportunity to meet each other in a convivial atmosphere and hear what else may be is happening in the club.

As far as your golf ability is concerned how good you play the game is your business. If you browse over to our Members Section you will see that ours membership cover that whole range of handicaps. Some members treat golf as a social recreational sport while others wish to become as proficient as possible at the game. It is true however that the better you are at the game the most pleasure you derive from it.Trophy Cabinet

While Brackenwood Golf Club is a private members golf club we do play on a municipal owned course and therefore the subscription to become a member of the club does not include access to the course. Therefore every time you play on the course a green fee must be paid in the Pro's Shop to the Wirral Borough Council. It is possible to purchase an annual contract for the period April to March which will allow you to play as many times as you wish. The contract is also valid on any of the other W.B.C. owned golf courses, Arrowe Park, Hoylake and the Warren.

If you browse our website you will see that the club is not solely about golf but also has a active social calendar. Should you be considering joining our club please be aware that we will be only interested in those persons who are prepared to become full active members of the club and participate in as many of the club's activities and events as possible.


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